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private residential


Black House


We worked with the client from the outset to produce a coherent design for a number of extensions they wanted to facilitate their family as they grew up. A large open plan space was the core requirement for this new large family home, set within a fruit growing area of Kent. The material palette was formed from the local farm buildings to bring about a harmony to the built form as it grew. Long views over the local area were an important part of the design and helped establish the home into its landscape context. Once planning was approved we undertook the technical design stage for a local contractor to complete the construction under the direction of the client as a self-build project.


Hampton Pier


Our director had worked on the planning and technical phases of this project whilst working for a previous company. It was because of this that the self-build client approached us as asked us to provide any technical support as and when it might be required. We were happy to assist the client in this project and although the material palette is very different from the planning, we feel that is still has a very prominent and positive impact on the sea wall road.


Le Choix


The client wanted to give a 21st century make over to a 50 year old house, providing new spaces for them and their family. Perched on the cliff, the views from this property were spectacular and any design had to ensure that the views were maximised. Large open plan spaces were produced but with sliding/folding glass walls to produce smaller spaces as required. A back to back fire place gave warmth and a focal point to all areas and provided the modern look that the client desired. Once planning was approved we undertook the technical design stage for a local contractor to complete the construction.




This was always a tricky site, a 4m slope from front to back, with the requirement that the extension had to be built without impacting on the existing house for any significant time. Whilst these aspects did require some thought, we managed to produce a design that met the clients brief in all matters. Working with the local authority we produced a low impact design that limited any overlooking and provided the floorspace to more than double the size of the existing property.


developer residential


We work with local and national developers in all aspects from feasibility and planning to technical design and site assistance.




We work with local and national clients across a number of sectors from mixed use projects to coffee shops to restaurants and office refits.