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what we do…

We love what we do whether it is a small residential extension, a school renovation or new office fit-out. Each project brings about a fresh challenge that we, along with our clients, look forward to responding to. Each project is approached individually, looking to bring a fresh response to the design questions that have been asked.

  • from planning assistance through to applications and appeals

  • from 200+ unit developer led housing schemes to private residential extensions

  • from office fit-outs to school projects to healthcare

  • from concept through to technical design - we are used to building what we design and have the expertise and experience to assist you throughout your projec


we provide planning assistance from pre-applications through to appeals

  • from feasibility & planning for 200+ unit developer schemes to private residential extensions

  • providing 3d imagery for external or internal spaces

  • plan drawings and coloured 2D elevations for planning applications



Studio BRiNER is an award winning and creative architectural design practice that seeks to connect contemporary architectural design and innovation with resource and commercial awareness.

Working closely with our clients we consider the context of each proposal and how our clients want to connect with the outcome.

This process and understanding is developed by relationships and the belief that our design process is not just about ticking a list, but something that impacts all parts of each project.



Our team of designers, engineers & consultants that we employ have an extensive knowledge of the industry and of traditional and modern construction methods, including offsite construction.

We are all committed to delivering high quality design solutions for all types of projects from bespoke residential to high numbered unit schemes.

We work throughout the country on residential, commercial, healthcare, leisure and educational schemes and look to incorporate cutting edge design combined with the use of sustainable products and renewable energy solutions.


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how we do it…

Our design process initially starts with an examination of the brief, holding off on our own opinion until that process is complete.

That may mean we will ask questions that may not have been asked previously in order to ascertain its robustness.

Once the brief is strong and set, we start to expand the ideas to provide an initial concept that fits the aspirations.

The details that are produced from this basis are then robust and interictal to the scheme. All aspects of the planning and technical design of the project are intertwined throughout this process, producing a seamless transition through to the construction phase.

We know that by adhering to this process the outcome is far more organic and unique to the client, producing an outcome the client can be sure is right for them.